At The Summit Coaching is here for you. 

My three step process is simple but produces big results.


Discover - Clarify - Align. 

Coaching that fits your needs and schedule.

No need to travel, virtual sessions via Zoom means that we can meet wherever you are, right from the comfort of your own home. 


As we work together we uncover what really motivates you, what is blocking your vision, forward movement, and growth.


Dig down to the root of vision and what may be holding you back. You will discover how Clarity has a powerful connection to your destiny.


All "Doing" flows from "Being." Become a fully integrated person who is effectively aligned in spirit, life and work.


Step One: A FREE 60 minute meet and greet session to orient us both toward a clearer vision for your future.


Step Two: a FREE 30 minute session to confirm we are a good fit before we make any on-going coaching commitment.

One on One Support

Step Three: If Orientation and Engagement are effective for both of us, then we move on in One on One coaching support.

Ready to begin?

Three ways to contact me.

  1. Click the Schedule Free Session at the top of this page.
  2.  Email me:
  3. Call me at 928-899-2548